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Data protection statement
Thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in our company. Data protection is an issue that we take very seriously and we take care to protect the personal data of visitors to our website in terms of how it is collected, processed and used. Your data is protected in accordance with the relevant laws. The following information explains what kind of data will be collected when you visit our website and how it will be used.

1. Data collection and processing
Every time somebody visits our website and every time a file on our website is downloaded, this information is logged. This information is recorded for internal system-related/statistical purposes. The following data is logged: name of the downloaded file, date and time when it was downloaded, amount of data downloaded, message stating that the download process was successful, details of the web browser and requesting domain. The IP addresses of the requesting computers are also logged. No other personal data will be collected, except where willingly divulged, such as when completing an enquiry or registration form.

2. Use and disclosure of personal data
If you provide us with personal data, we shall only use it in order to respond to your enquiries, fulfil orders agreed with you and for technical administration purposes. We shall only disclose your personal data to third parties or transfer it for some other reason where this is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling orders (in particular, the forwarding of order data to suppliers) for invoicing purposes or if you have given us prior consent. Once you have given your consent, you are entitled to withdraw it at any time to prevent any future disclosures. Your personal data will be deleted when you tell us that you no longer want it to be stored, if it no longer needs to be stored in order to achieve the original purpose for which it was collected or if there are legal reasons why it must no longer be stored.

3. Right to demand information
If you submit a written request, we will be happy to disclose the personal data we are holding about you.
Security information: Should you decide to communicate with us via e-mail, we cannot guarantee total data security and therefore recommend that you send any sensitive information by standard mail.